How to Administer EyeDetect Tests in a Different Language

To administer an EyeDetect test in a language different from its currently displayed operating system locale, do the following:

  1. Launch EyeDetect
  2. Select “Test” > “Create” or select the “Test Wizard” button
  3. Select the dropdown at the top to choose the test language
  4. After changing the language, EyeDetect will automatically populate all of the tests that you have in that language
  5. Select the test you want and enter the Test Subject ID and Test Subject Name
  6. Select “OK”

Note: this will enable you to administer an EyeDetect test in a different language than the user interface.

For Example:

In the image below, English was selected. Consequently, the test list shows all English tests that are assigned to this subaccount.




In the images below, Spanish was selected (see the first image). Consequently, the test list shows all Spanish tests assigned to this subaccount (see the second image). Note - the EyeDetect User Interface is still in English, but the test is in Spanish. This enables an English speaker to administer a Spanish test.




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