Calibrating Tobii Eye Tracker

The Tobii Eye Tracker, unfortunately, can lose its configuration settings and needs to be re-calibrated to the station before EyeDetect tests can be administered again. 

The test proctor will notice this issue when, in the telemetry screen, the examinee's eyes are not registered by the EyeTracker despite being at the correct angle and distance (60cm) from the Eye Tracker. 

The attached document at the bottom of this article provides step-by-step instructions on how to recalibrate the Tobii EyeTracker.

*Note* There are two models of the Tobii EyeTracker (the 4C and the 5L) and the process of recalibrating the EyeTracker is different depending on the EyeTracker connected to your EyeDetect Station. 

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