How to Enable EyeDetect Manager

EyeDetect Manager is a software program that you can download on a separate device that will
enable you to better monitor an examinee during a test.
Requirements for Device
a. Operating System: Windows 8 or higher (prefer Windows 10)
b. Screen Resolution: 1200 x 800 minimum
c. Wireless Adapter Required
d. EyeDetect Manager AND EyeDetect must both be run on the same network (wired or wireless)
e. Must have Administrator Rights on the device
f. Communication for port 80 or 8081 must be enabled
Steps to Connect


1. Download EyeDetect Manager – Sign into the Dashboard and select the Tools tab
( Select and download EyeDetect Manager.


2. Find the IP Address – On the station, launch EyeDetect, select File > Settings. Check the
"Enable Data Streaming API" box to turn it ON. Copy the number directly below the box
exactly as displayed (including periods). An example IP address is “”


3. Launch EyeDetect Manager on your separate device. Select Connect and type in the IP Address exactly as you copied it and then select connect.


4. You can connect up to 3 different EyeDetect stations simultaneously.


5. By clicking on the IP Address, you can see what test is being taken as well as the details of who is taking the test.


6. By clicking on the Gaze X and Y box, you can see a graph version of live pupil data.


7. By clicking on the right image, you switch between the words on the screen and the view of
the examinee from the camera.


NOTE:  When you click “Connect” the IP Address will be auto-filled from the previous time. However, the IP Address will change based on the location/Wi-Fi you are using

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