Export Test Data into a CSV

To download test information into a CSV format, which is useful for data analysis, follow the following steps:

  1. Go to https://www.converus.net/dashboard/signin
  2. Sign in with your ID, PIN, and Google Authenticator Code.
  3. At the bottom of the dashboard home page, click on the blue report button
  4. Open the CSV directly from your browser of your computer’s downloads folder
    1. mceclip0.png
  5. The CSV file will contain the following data:
    • Test ID
    • Test Key
    • Test Start time
    • Test Completion Time
    • Test Time Zone
    • R1 Credibility Score
    • R2 Credibility Score
    • R3 Credibility Score (if applicable)
    • R4 Credibility Score (if applicable)
    • Test Guidance
      • 0= Credible
      • 1= Not credible
      • 2= Indeterminate
  • Test Reason
    • 0= Truthful
    • 1= Deceptive
    • 2= Confession
    • 3= Probable Confession
    • 4= Random Responses
    • 5= Indeterminate
    • 6= Timeouts Succeeded
    • 7= Countermeasures suspected
    • 8= Inconclusive
  • Subject ID
  • Subject Name
  • Subject Age
  • Subject Gender
  • If the subject wore glasses
  • Examiner notes

Please note, if you use criteria in the search bar before running the report, only tests with that criteria will appear in the report. Simply running the report without any criteria will pull all results from the sub/master account that the user is currently logged into. 

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