Windows shut down and hard reboot


Microsoft Windows is the operating system used on all versions of the EyeDetect Station: v1 (Lenovo), v2 (Surface Pro tablet), and the v3 (Intel NUC).


Most people do not “Shut down” their PC or tablet after use. Typically, they turn the computer off and on using Sleep Mode or, in the case of the Surface Pro tablet, by pushing the power on/off button (which is Sleep Mode).


When you use Sleep mode on a computer or just turn on/off the tablet, it never completely performs a Shutdown. Over time, continuous use of Microsoft Windows without a complete shut down can cause the operating system to become sluggish, have memory conflicts or it can become non-functional. This can lead to problems for the EyeDetect Station such as: 

  1. The screen can freeze during a test.
  2. An Eye Tracker exception error can occur during the Test Wizard or Connect Eye Tracker phase.
  3. The Eye Tracker lights turn off during a test.
  4. Problems occur during the Telemetry phrase.


These problems can occur because of instabilities in Microsoft Windows running on PC’s and even more often in tablets which use a modified version of Windows for mobile devices. Use of the Eye Tracker is a CPU-intensive and memory-intensive operation. Operating the Eye Tracker without doing a complete shut down periodically will cause the Operating System to become sluggish have memory conflicts, or become non-functional. Microsoft Windows operates more efficiently if you perform a full shut down after each testing session (end of the day).


Converus recommends that you shut down the PC or tablet after every use (such as at the end of the day). And, we recommend that you do a hard re-boot every week if your EyeDetect Station is a tablet.


To do a hard re-boot on the Surface Pro tablet, simultaneously hold down the power button and the “+” side of the volume button for about 20 seconds. When you do that, the screen goes black, then a new white screen appears.  On that new white screen (entitled Surface UEVI), click on the option “Exit” (left side) and then “Restart Now.”


Watch this short video to see how to hard re-boot the Surface Pro tablet:

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