In the telemetry screen, the white “eye” spots are not lined up in the green box or the green status bars won’t completely fill up to 100%.

There are a few possible resolutions for this issue.

  1. The eye tracker might not be positioned at the correct angle. Make sure the angle is around 22.5 degrees from the monitor, also verifying that the monitor is at a 90-degree angle with respect to the desk. 
    • The instruction above is only applicable if you are using a v1 station. If you are not using a v1 station, continue to steps 2-7.
  2. Make sure the examinee’s eyes are 60 cm away from the screen. The telemetry screen indicates the distance.
  3. Telemetry may struggle with an examinee that has dry eyes. Give the examinee eye drops.
  4. Is the examinee wearing glasses or frames that are causing glare? If so, instruct the examinee to either take off the glasses, put them on an angle, or wear the paper glass frame provided with the EyeDetect station.
  5. Is the examinee wearing excessive makeup? Ask the examinee to remove eye makeup.
  6. If the lighting in the room is too dark, that will cause the monitor to create glare.
  7. If the lighting in the room is too light or one-sided, that can cause glare on the examinee’s eyes. Make sure the room is moderately and evenly lit.
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