One of our administrators got a new phone, how do they login?

If you are the only Admin on your account and have gotten a new phone, contact Converus.

Otherwise, for a person with a new phone that needs Dashboard access, first install the Google Authenticator app on the new phone. Then in the Converus Dashboard, create a new login (account ID and PIN) for the sub-account with the appropriate rights—data, view, admin, or none. To create or delete a login, you must have Admin rights. To create a new login from within the Dashboard, go to Accounts, find the sub-account desired, click on Add Login, and add the appropriate information for the new login. You can also delete the previous/former login for that user at that time.

Every new login will be prompted to scan the QR code the first time it is used to login to the Dashboard. With the Google Authenticator app open, the new login user will take a picture of the QR code. Once this is completed, the new login will be connected to the new phone.

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