Releates Notes 29 July 2015 Version 2.11

Release notes (version 2.11)                

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EyeDetect Station SOFTWARE

new feature> Telemetry screen before first session

The Telemetry screen that appears between each question session will now be displayed right after the practice test (prior to the first session). This will help the test proctor ensure the examinee is still in optimal position to start the test.


new feature> Faster Sync

When an EyeDetect station is synchronized with Converus servers, the time required to sync will now be considerably reduced for the download portion of that process (which ensures that the latest software version and test templates are installed on the EyeDetect station).

new feature> Simplified abort screen

If the Eye Tracker is not gathering sufficient data from the examinee’s eyes during a test, a new “abort” dialog screen will appear to notify the test proctor to abort the test and start over. This new dialog screen has been simplified to be more concise in explaining the situation.

Converus Dashboard

new feature> Subaccount name on home screen grid

On the home screen test results grid, the account ID is now shown as well as the subaccount name.



new feature> Search Filter enhancments

On the home screen test results grid, the search filter now contains a “Guidance” dropdown list that enables the user to filter test results on a number of guidance/reason combinations.



The Guidance/Reason combinations include the following:


All Recommended

Not Recommended

All Indeterminate (Relevant)

All Recommended – Credible

Not Recommended – Deceptive

All Indeterminate – Aborted


Not Recommended – Confession

All Indeterminate – No License


Not Recommended – Probable Confession

All Indeterminate – Missing Data


Not Recommended – Random

All Indeterminate – Failed Reading Test



All Indeterminate – Timeouts Exceeded


Also, the search filter section will remain “expanded” if any type of search filtering has been performed.

new feature> New Charting tool

A new charting tool has been added under the Dashboard Charts menu. This tool allows the user to filter test results by subaccount, time frame, and test. The resulting pie chart shows the distribution of the test by guidance reason. Each slice of the pie chart can be clicked to see a list of tests for the specific guidance/reason combination chosen.

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