Release Notes 01 September 2015 Version 2.12.1


new feature> The option to “Sync” has moved to a different menu

Sync Menu option moved

In the EyeDetect Software, the “Sync” menu option was previously available under the “File” pull-down menu. It has been moved to the “DataLocker” menu (because it is a function that involves the DataLocker.)


Note: sync tests with a windows pc continues to be available

With the software change today, users can still use the updated EyeDetect Administrator or EyeDetectAdmin application to “sync” tests from a DataLocker using any Windows computer (v7 or higher) that does not have EyeDetect installed.  To do this, connect the DataLocker to the Windows PC, open the DataLocker drive from Windows Explorer, and double-click the “EyeDetectAdmin.vbs” file to launch EyeDetect Admin. 


After the program loads, choose “Sync” from the “DataLocker” pull-down menu to sync the tests stored on DataLocker with the Converus cloud server.


Note: managing subaccounts or Rebuilding a datalocker continues to be available

You can continue to manage subaccounts on a DataLocker using the EyeDetect Administrator (which is installed on the DataLocker).  To change a subaccount, double-click the “EyeDetectAdmin.vbs” file that is installed on the DataLocker drive. 

Once the EyeDetect Administrator application launches, choose “Sign in” under the “Account” pull-down menu.

After signing in, choose “Setup” from the “DataLocker” menu and follow the prompts to select the subaccount.

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