Release Notes 27 August 2015 Version 2.12

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new features> Updated Sync’ing procedure and a new application, Eyedetect administrator

(1) Sync’ing tests to the Converus cloud server from the Eyedetect station

Please note: The method of sync’ing tests has been changed. Now when you wish to sync tests to the Converus cloud server, you need to choose the menu option “EyeDetect Administrator [Sync]” which is found on the “File” option on the main menu. This option replaced the “Sync” option.

This change in process has occurred because all communication with Converus cloud servers is now done through a new application called the EyeDetect Administrator (or EyeDetectAdmin). There are various benefits for this change, which will be described in this document. When you click on the menu option “EyeDetectAdmin [Sync],” it will launch EyeDetect Administrator and it will prompt you to close EyeDetect and launch the EyeDetect Admin application (which be done automatically).

If you choose the option to close EyeDetect to launch EyeDetectAdmin, this step not only launches the application but it will also check to ensure that the latest version of EyeDetect is installed. EyeDetectAdmin shows a grid or list of all tests and their current status. This grid is similar to EyeDetect. (See below.)

After launching the EyeDetectAdmin, in order to sync to upload completed tests to the Converus cloud server, you should click on the “DataLocker” option from the main menu and choose the “Sync” option.

All saved tests will then be synced (uploaded) and the latest version of EyeDetect will be downloaded, if needed.


(2) Uploading tests (by sync’ing) to the Converus Cloud Server on the Eyedetect station for the first time

When using the new sync method for the first time, the EyeDetect Software may need to download the EyeDetect Admin application to the DataLocker.

Once the EyeDetect Administrator is downloaded, close the dialog box and then you will be asked if you want to close EyeDetect to start the EyeDetectAdmin application. Once that application launches, you can sync normally as previously described.

(3) Uploading tests (by sync’ing) to the converus cloud server from another windows PC

Good news! With EyeDetect Administrator, you can now sync tests from a DataLocker using any Windows 7 or greater computer. This step is very helpful if your EyeDetect Station does not have Internet access. And the Windows computer does not need to have EyeDetect installed. To sync from a Windows 7 or greater computer, you should connect the DataLocker to that PC, open Windows Explorer, click on the DataLocker drive, and double click the file “EyeDetectAdmin.vbs” to launch EyeDetectAdmin. Once launched, choose “Sync” under the “DataLocker” option from the main menu to sync the contents of the DataLocker (completed tests) in the manner described above.

(4) managing subaccounts on a datalocker

All organizations have a Master Account. Users with the appropriate credentials (ID and PIN) for the Master Account can sign in and see all completed test results for any subaccount. The configuration of the Master Account determines which users can see reports.

Subaccounts allow organizations to permit the viewing of subsets of completed tests. For example, a large organization with operations in different regions can choose to have a subaccount for each regional office. Any user with access to the subaccount can access only those reports found there.

At the same time, a Converus Service Partner can manage tests for various customers by using a subaccount for each customer. Test results and reports would be grouped by customer rather than “lumped” all together.

To switch subaccounts on a DataLocker, you can now use EyeDetectAdmin -- which is installed on the DataLocker --instead of logging in to the Converus Dashboard as required previously. To switch subaccounts on a DataLocker, double-click the “EyeDetectAdmin.vbs” file on the DataLocker drive from the EyeDetect Station or from any Windows 7 or greater computer. Once EyeDetectAdmin launches, you will need to choose “Sign in” which is found under the “Account” option from the main menu.

Once you have successfully signed in, you can choose “Setup” under the “DataLocker” option from the main menu. This action will rebuild the DataLocker with the chosen subaccount. During this process, you will only see the subaccounts available on the Master Account.



Converus Dashboard

new feature> Updated PDF report

The PDF version of the individual test report has been updated. The R1 and R2 Converus Credibility Scores have been split onto two lines for enhanced readability.



new feature> Enhanced charts

The charts feature has been enhanced. First, there is a new option to allow you to view results in a timeline view. Simply choose the “Timeline: Test per” radio button under “Chart Type” in the upper left-hand side filter section and select the time interval “Month” or “Week” or “Day.” This choice will show a stacked area graph that displays the number of “Recommended,” “Not Recommended” and “Indeterminate” tests results that have been completed for each time interval, over the test dates selected. In the upper left-hand corner of the graph is a small pie chart that shows the overall total for the tests shown in the graph. This timeline view allows you to click on the colored areas of the graph to see all the tests of a specific type in the test results grid.

Second, the original pie chart now shows the total number of tests in the chart as a center blue circle. To get to the pie chart view, select the “Guidance Distribution” radio button under “Chart Type” in the upper left-hand corner of the page.

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