Release Notes 20 May 2015 Version 2.8

EyeDetect Station SOFTWARE

new feature> Additional session

On occasion, it is not possible to calculate a credibility score for an EyeDetect test due to the lack of data gathered by the Eye Tracker during the test. The Eye Tracker may not gather sufficient data for a variety of reasons, including some of the following: excessive light or insufficient light in the testing room, shiny glasses or excessive makeup worn by the examinee, an incorrect angle between the Eye Tracker and the examinee, the Eye Tracker is positioned too close or too far away from the examinee, or due to a failure to calibrate or pass the telemetry step at the beginning or during the test. Now, the EyeDetect Station Software will determine in real-time if a test is lacking data and will administer another set of questions, including alpha arithmetic questions, if it is probable that by having one additional set of data there will be sufficient information to calculate a credibility score.  In such circumstances, the test will take a few minutes longer. However, the intention is to reduce the already small number of tests that are not scored due to a lack of data gathered by the Eye Tracker.

Converus Dashboard

new feature> New section in report

The HTML and PDF test results reports now have a new section entitled “Test Response Summary.”  This section shows the percentage of R1, R2, and Neutral questions missed (which are potentially self-incriminating) and questions that were not answered (timed-out). In addition, the overall average for all three types of questions is listed.  A subset of this information was previously found under the “Test Information” section and has been moved to this new summary section.


new feature> Conclusion modifications

The disclaimer text included in the “Conclusion” section of test reports has been enhanced and expanded.

new feature> Updated quick reference guide

The Quick Reference Guide has been updated and is available from the Converus Dashboard for download.  The Quick Reference Guide shows the best practices for assembling and packing an EyeDetect Station.

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