Release Notes 1 Apr 2015 Version 2.6

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EyeDetect Station SOFTWARE

new feature> New Tests

The following new tests have been added since the last release:

  • Pre-Employment
    • Ties to Terrorists & Criminal Groups (Central America)
    • Identity Theft & Drug Use (In the last 90 days)
  • Employment:
    • Terrorism & Drug Trafficking (Colombia)

When you sync the DataLocker, all new tests are downloaded to the software on your EyeDetect Station. Note: A current list of available EyeDetect tests can be found in the EyeDetect Software  (menu: Test>Create)


new feature> Adjustable font size

Now the text size in an EyeDetect test can be increased to better suit an examinee’s reading preference. For examinee’s that wear glasses, the EyeDetect proctor is encouraged to use the biggest font possible and have the examinee remove their glasses prior to taking the test. To choose a larger font size, select one of four available sizes (14, 16, 18, or 20) in “Font Size” under the “Test Options” section on the lower left side of the “Start Test” dialog screen. As you choose a font size, the text below the font sizes gives you a preview of what the actual size of the font will be during the test.



new feature> Audio-Visual test instructions/preambles (av instructions)

Some EyeDetect tests now support an audio-visual presentation of the test instructions to the examinee in place of text-based instructions that the examinee reads. Over time, AV Instructions will be incorporated into existing tests and will be considered for new tests as they are developed. AV Instructions are comprised of an audio component and a visual component. The examinee will hear the instructions while the information is presented in a slide-show like format. The following graphic represents an example of the visual slides:



The Start Test dialog has been updated to incorporate support for AV Instructions. If the selected EyeDetect test contains AV Instructions, the Text-to-Voice area in the lower, right-hand corner of the dialog will be enabled (otherwise it will be greyed out.)




The Voice-to-Text settings enable to Examinee to verify and set the volume level of the audio. The volume level is dependent on the Station’s general volume level. The Test Administrator may need to adjust the system-level volume to then be able to adjust the volume level through the Start dialog. You must check the box next to Enable Text-to-Voice Presentation of Themes in order for the AV Instructions to run. This box is not checked by default in the event headphones or speakers aren’t attached to the Station or a Voice is not available on the Station. In either of these situations, the standard text-based instructions are presented.


Converus recommends that you purchase a quality set of noise-cancelling headphones with support for audio input and add them to your EyeDetect Station for use with tests containing AV Instructions. These headphones could be utilized after the AV Instructions to reduce noise from outside the test room that the Examinee is exposed to.


Future EyeDetect Stations will ship with Voices installed, but current Stations will need to be configured for the audio portion of the AV Instructions to function properly. Converus is providing two licensed Voices (one Spanish and one English) for each licensed EyeDetect Station in use. Follow these steps to get your Station(s) updated:


1. Go to

2. Click on the Download Evaluation icon for the Voice “Joey” under the US English section and the Voice “Miguel” under the American Spanish section. Note that the file for each of these voices is over 200MB in size. It is recommended that you use a good Internet connection when downloading these files. If the download is interrupted, it will pick up where it left off when you reconnect. These files are self-extracting executable files that contain both the installation and the Voice.

3. Obtain a License Key from Andrew Potts at for each Voice.

4. Double-click on each of the downloaded files to run the installation process. Enter the appropriate license key for the respective Voice when prompted during the installation process.

5. Run the EyeDetect Demo Test to verify that the Voices installed properly and to hear and see the AV Instructions.

6. Note: If you prefer to use different Voices other than Joey and Miguel, you can download and purchase other voices such as Salli for US English or Penelope for American Spanish from and these voices will appear in the Voice-to-Text section of the Start Dialog for their respective language-specific tests.



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