Release Notes 1 July 2015 Version 2.10


new feature> indicate reading Level and year of Education before starting test

Before starting a test, the test proctor will be required to answer two additional questions about the examinee:

  • Years of Education (choices are 1-6, 7-9, 10-12, or 12+)
  • Reading Level (choices are Low, Medium, or High)

new feature> Additonal troubleshooting data added to telemEtry screen

The Telemetry screen was enhanced in the last release and has been updated this week to give the test proctor additional data on test progress.  In addition to indicating whether the Eye Tracker is gathering sufficient pupil data in each testing session, the percentage of “timed out” or unanswered questions is also shown. 

The Eye Tracker data and the Time Limit expired data contribute to the overall Test Status gauge as shown below. If there is insufficient eye data or a large percentage of unanswered questions, the test cannot be scored.



Converus Dashboard

new feature> Education and reading level on report

The examinee’s Education Level and Reading Level are now required responses prior to beginning a test (“Start test” screen). This information will be shown on the examinee’s report in the “Examinee Information” section (as shown below).

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