Release Notes 18 Feb 2015 Version 2.4


new feature> New Tests available

The following tests are now available in Spanish and English:

  • Employment: Cyber Crimes & Stealing >$500 USD
  • Pre-Employment: Counterfeiting & Inappropriate Benefits
  • Employment: Cyber Crimes & Workplace Theft

Upon synchronizing the DataLocker, all new tests are downloaded from the Converus server to the EyeDetect Software and are immediately available for use from within the EyeDetect software menu Test>Create.

Note - An updated list of EyeDetect tests is always available at the following URLs:

new feature> Examinee Photograph not required

The Test Proctor may opt to not take a photograph of the examinee during the set-up and registration process prior to initializing a test. In the past, a photograph was mandatory.

new feature> Demo Test includes alpha arithmetic session

The Demo Test now includes an alpha arithmetic session. Adding this session to the Demo Test will make it follow the same structure of other EyeDetect tests.  The following is a sample alpha arithmetic question:  b + 2 = d ?

new feature> test Selection drop-down menu REDESIGNED

During the process of creating a new test, there is now an option in the Create Test dialog box to select which language to display test names in the list of available tests (see image on right).

And, for ease of use, the appearance of the list of available tests has also been changed to a sortable grid (i.e., you can sort on the Test.ID or Test.Name column).

Converus Dashboard

new feature> Licenses Tab

In the Converus Dashboard, the Licenses tab has been updated to show the License Tier for each block of licenses purchased. License Tier is a reference to a geographic location (country). Some service providers purchase test licenses for a variety of countries. See the list of License Tiers below.

Within each subaccount, the quantity of licenses for each License Tier is now shown as well.  Also, when transferring licenses from one subaccount to another or from the Master Account to a Subaccount, the License Tier must now be specified. 

License Tiers as of Feb. 2015:

  • Tier 1 – U.S., UK, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica
  • Tier 2 – Colombia, Ecuador
  • Tier 3 – Dominican Republic
  • Tier 4 – Peru, Guatemala
  • Tier 5 – El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Bolivia


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