Release Notes 22 April 2015 Version 2.7

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new feature> New Audio-Visual Instructions

The following tests now support audio-visual instructions (AV instructions):

  • Pre empleo: Falsificación y Delitos
  • Empleo: Falsificación y Delitos
  • Pre empleo: Falsificación y Beneficios Indebidos
  • Empleo: Falsificación y Beneficios Indebidos
  • Prueba de demostración (Español)
  • Demo Test (Inglés)

The examinee may listen to test instructions with a set of headphones or a speaker with audio output.

new feature> Calibration change

If an examinee fails the calibration step, EyeDetect will now only use the two-dot calibration configuration for each subsequent calibration session. Previous to this change, if an examinee failed the calibration step, EyeDetect would have used alternate calibration configurations with more than two dots.

Converus Dashboard

new feature> Additional Explanation included in the conclusion

If the examinee responds to test statements in a self-incriminating way, an explanation will be included in the conclusion section of the test report to explain how to interpret those results. In most cases, the examinee would respond to statements in a self-incriminating way for one of the following reasons:

  • The examinee is essentially confessing to the issues.
  • The examinee was applying countermeasures during the test.
  • The examinee was intentionally responding in a random way.
  • The examinee did not understand what was being asked.

new feature> Pagination of test results

The results grid on the front page of the Converus Dashboard will now display 25 tests at a time. Page controls are located on the upper right corner and lower right corner of the results grid. The right arrow will take you to the next page and the left arrow will take you to the previous page.

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