Release Notes 11 March 2015 Version 2.5

EyeDetect Station SOFTWARE

new feature> New Tests

The following new tests are available:

  • Employment: Cyber Crimes & Document Fraud
  • Pre-Employment: Cyber Crimes & Document Fraud
  • Pre-Employment: Terrorism & Drug Trafficking (Mexico)
  • Employment: Terrorism & Drug Trafficking (Mexico)
  • Pre-Employment: Ties to Terrorists & Criminal Groups (Mexico)
  • Pre-employment: Identity Theft & Drug Use within 90 days


new feature> Updated Practice test summary

After each of the two practice test sessions the summary has been enhanced to give the examinee better feedback about how well they are doing. In addition to the number of correct, incorrect, and timed-out questions, the average time spent on each question will also be displayed.


Converus Dashboard

new feature> Examanee ID in REPORT Footer

The PDF report for a completed test now shows the examinee’s ID in the footer of each page of the report.


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