Release Notes 19 Nov 2014 Version 2.0


new feature> Reading & Comprehension test

A new feature, the Reading test, was added to the EyeDetect Software to help evaluate the reading and comprehension skills of an examinee. To be specific, once an EyeDetect test is created, the test proctor can select “Reading” from the “Test” menu to launch the reading and comprehension test. The Reading test should be used in cases where the test proctor or administrator believe the examinee does not have sufficient reading or comprehension skills to successfully complete an EyeDetect test. The Reading test is a tool to help screen examinees.

After a Reading test is launched, the examinee will have 12 minutes to complete a three-part, multiple-choice test consisting of 12 questions total. In each of the three parts, the examinee will be presented with a small paragraph of text to read and four questions about the material read.

After taking a Reading test, the examinee should then proceed to take the EyeDetect as they normally would. When the results of the EyeDetect test are calculated, the Converus Dashboard will indicate if the examinee was challenged by the Reading test.

new feature> Question timeout

A new feature was added to the EyeDetect Software to encourage examinees to answer questions in a timely manner. Every question now has an allowed response time (or a timeout) calculated by character count and sentence complexity.  Once the timeout for a question is reached, a notice appears for the examinee stating that the question has timed out (it also creates an audible beep), the test then automatically advances to the next question.

The purpose of motivating examinees to respond quickly to test questions is to improve test accuracy.

new feature> Enhanced Tests

All current tests have been updated with the following changes:

  • Included now is new two-part practice session with R1 and R2 questions referring to two fictitious crimes. After each session, the examinee is notified of their results in terms of questions missed and those timed-out (not answered due to slow response).
  • The instructions for the new practice test and all other tests have been updated to describe time out rules.
  • The number of questions in the alpha arithmetic sessions has been reduced from 16 to 12. This was done to reduce the time needed to complete a test.

New Feature> Updated Demo Tests

Demo tests have been updated to include two practice sessions and two test sessions. This was done to provide a slightly longer demonstration test experience.

Converus Dashboard

new feature> Updated Reports

EyeDetect reports, located in the Converus Dashboard, have been updated with the following enhancements:

  • The total number of questions and questions missed (i.e., answered incorrectly) have been replaced with the percentage of missed questions (incorrectly answered) for each question type and the percentage of timed-out questions.
  • The test conclusion has been updated with new language to better describe results for specific situations.
  • The report no longer shows a list of all test questions and responses; instead, there is a table of information to better display the examinee’s answers for each R1 and R2 question, by session.


new feature> New test result types in Dashboard search results

When a test is synchronized with (uploaded to) the data center and the associated Reading test was unsatisfactory or if there were too many timed-out questions, the table will show a red icon in the R1 and R2 column and the test will not be scored.  If you hover the cursor over the icon, it will display the message “Low Reading Comprehension” or “Slow Response Rate” respectively. (See red icons in the table below.)

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