Release Notes 29 Oct 2014

Converus Dashboard

new feature> Spanish Localization

The Converus Dashboard is now available in Spanish.  Administrators or users can access the Spanish dashboard in one of two ways.

  • Click the “Dashboard Login” button on the top menu on the Converus Spanish web site found at
  • Use the user dropdown menu in the upper right hand corner of the Converus Dashboard to set the language preference.

Once the Administrator or user is in the Spanish dashboard, that setting will persist until the another language preference is selected from the user dropdown menu.

new feature> Add Account

Under the Accounts tab, the two “Add Account” buttons have been renamed to “Add Login” for clarification.  Also once you click an “Add Login” button, the header of the new window now says “Add Login” instead of “Add Account.”

EyeDetect Station SOFTWARE

new feature> Eye Tracker calibration DUring tests

We have added a new feature to the EyeDetect Station software to help minimize situations in which the Eye Tracker has difficulty reacquiring the examinee’s eyes between sessions. That challenge results either from a change in head position or other environmental factors such as suboptimal room lighting.

Now before every session of an EyeDetect test, except the first, a note will appear onscreen immediately following the rest period that explains that the examinee must look at two red dots to confirm that the Eye Tracker calibration is correct.


Once the examinee presses the space bar, two red dots will appear in succession--one to the left and above the standard text area and the second to the right and below the standard text area.


If a significant number of gaze points connect to both calibration dots, then the examinee will return to the next session of the EyeDetect test. However, if the examinee’s eyes fail to calibrate, an alert will pop up warning the examinee that the Eye Tracker calibration settings require adjustment.  Along with this message, there is troubleshooting data that shows the percentage of time the right and left eye were in the calibration point areas.


The Proctor should approach the EyeDetect Station and click “OK.”  After the clicking “OK,” the standard telemetry screen will pop up and it is the proctor’s duty to ensure that the Eye Tracker is fixed onto the subject’s eyes, and that the telemetry values are acceptable. 


When the proctor is satisfied that the Eye Tracker telemetry is acceptable, he then presses the “Close” button and the EyeDetect test continues as normal into the next session.

For the vast majority of examinees, the telemetry screen adjustment phase shouldn’t be necessary and the only difference they’ll notice is that they will run the two-point calibration before sessions 2 through 9.  The calibration takes about 8 seconds which includes reading the instruction message, pressing the space bar, and looking at the two dots, which will add slightly over a minute per test.

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