Release Notes 2 Oct 2014

Eyedetect station software

NEW FEATURE> scoring of R2 questions

EyeDetect Reports now reveal a Converus Credibility Score for R2 (Relevant issue no. 2) questions.

Converus Dashboard

NEW FEATURE> New columns on test grid for R1/R2

The previous column for “Score” has been broken into two new columns to show a separate score for the R1 and R2 issues.  When you mouse over the score, it will give you the question category description (such as “Bribery”).

NEW FEATURE> New rows for R1 and R2 on HTML and PDF reportS

The “Converus Credibility Score” row has been broken out to show the score for the R1 and R2 questions on both the HTML and PDF reports.  The question category description (such as “Bribery”) is show as well.

NEW FEATURE> New Columns for R1 and R2 in test Results CSV REport

“Test.CredibilityScore” has been replaced with “Test.CredibilityScore(R1)” and “Test.CredibilityScore(R2)” in the test results CSV report.

NEW FEATURE> Eye Detect admin application digitaly signed

The EyeDetect admin executable is now digitally signed with a code certificate.  This will result in less warnings when launching the EyeDetect admin from the dashboard.

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