How should I prepare an examinee for a test?

Prior to beginning a test, the examinee should be properly prepared. These following suggestions also come from the Converus science team:

  1. The examinee should remain relatively still. Excessive head movement during the testing phases may affect the test results.
  2. The examinee should not blink excessively because it may affect test results. (Examinees should follow a normal blinking rate that allows their eyes to remain moist. If the Proctor notices excessive blinking, the Proctor should encourage the examinee to relax.*)
  3. Where possible, it is preferable for examinees to not wear eye glasses during an exam. Bi-focal and tri-focal lenses in particular may cause problems with calibrating the Eye Tracker and with accurate test results.
  4. The examinee should not wear excessive eye liner or mascara. Too much eye makeup may affect the Eye Tracker and test results. Have a makeup removal kit available for examinees to remove mascara and eye liner.
  5. Dry eyes may affect the how easily the Eye Tracker calibrates. If the examinee is having a hard time calibrating, the use of eye drops to moisten the eyes is recommended. The Proctor may want to consider having commercially packaged, unopened eye drops available for examinees to use.
  6. Remove distractions from the testing room, including cell phones, computers, tablets, MP3 players, and other personal items.

The test must be given in a private room with the door closed. The room should be quiet and relatively isolated so the examinee is not distracted by outside conversations or other noise.

For privacy reasons and to minimize distractions, other individuals should not be able to see the examinee during the test, with the exception of the Proctor.

The Proctor should be present in the testing room during the test. The Proctor should sit behind the examinee, out of direct view, so as not to be a distraction.  The Proctor will have a chance to record any relevant notes and submit them as part of the test.  The Proctor will have to record a confession if one occurs.

Suggestion: Between tests, the Proctor could use an alcohol-based disinfectant wipe to clean the chin rest.

*Note- at the customer or service provider's request, the EyeDetect Station can be programmed to record video of the examinee during a test. This may be useful if the Proctor believes that an examinee is blinking excessively as an attempted countermeasure and would like a video recording of the examinee's behavior.  

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