What do I do after an examinee completes the test?

After the examinee has completed the test, the Proctor should save the test data. Saving the test stores the test data on the DataLocker, where the data will remain until the Proctor submits the data to the Converus Dashboard. To submit the data, the Proctor will choose File > Sync from the EyeDetect Software menu. This moves the test data from the DataLocker and stores it on a secure, cloud-based server


As part of the Save process, you will fill in summary information about the test, including whether or not the examinee confessed and any notes about the test, the test environment, or the examinee that may have an impact on the results.

For example, if the examinee repeatedly lifted his head off of the chin rest or if the test had to be restarted due to a power outage, those details may affect how the test is evaluated. If the examinee chooses to confess after taking the test, brief notes about the confession are useful when reviewing the test results later.

Please note that all tests should be saved after the examinee completes the test – even if the examinee confesses before completing the test. His or her confession, along with your notes, will appear in the Converus Dashboard.

After the examinee has completed the test:

  1. Escort the examinee out of the testing room.
  2. Press F10 (or Fn + F10 if your keyboard doesn't have a dedicated F10 button) to close the test window in the EyeDetect application to return to the EyeDetect test grid. The Proctor can also exit the test and restart the EyeDetect software.
  3. Click on the test in the EyeDetect Test Grid. The test should appear highlighted. Note that the progress bar has advanced, showing that the test has been completed. (See the two green squares in the image below.)

  1. Select File > Save.
  2. The Proctor should select the appropriate response from the Confession of Guilt Note that you must make a selection in order to save the test.

  1. Enter any relevant notes about the test or the examinee.

  1. Select OK.

In the EyeDetect application, notice that the progress bar for the test will show three green boxes:

In this state, the test is completed, saved, and ready to be submitted.

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