Rest period and recalibration

Between each of the nine sections of test questions, the examinee will be given 30 seconds to rest. During that time, many examinees will move their head or stretch or stand up. All of these actions may cause the Eye Tracker to lose its calibration. For this reason, when the test resumes, a quick re-calibration process will occur, requiring examinees to focus their eyes on two calibration points (one point at a time). The Eye Tracker, if it is able to recalibrate, will allow the test to resume. If the Eye Tracker is unable to quickly calibrate, the examinee will need to go through the standard Telemetry step again. If this happens, the Proctor should ensure the telemetry is correct.  Once the telemetry looks correct, the Proctor should close the Telemetry window. The test will resume with the next session.

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