What is the purpose of the reading test?

If desired, the Reading test may be administered to evaluate the reading and comprehension skills of an examinee. To be specific, once an EyeDetect test is created, the test proctor can select “Reading” from the “Test” menu to launch the reading and comprehension test. The Reading test should be used in cases where the test proctor or others believe the examinee does not have sufficient reading or comprehension skills to successfully complete an EyeDetect test. The Reading test is a tool to help screen examinees.

After a Reading test is launched, the examinee will have 12 minutes to complete a three-part, multiple-choice test consisting of 12 questions total. In each of the three parts, the examinee will be presented with a small paragraph of text to read and four questions about the material read.

After taking a Reading test, the examinee should then proceed to take the EyeDetect as they normally would. When the results of the EyeDetect test are calculated, the Converus Dashboard will indicate the examinee's performance on the reading test.

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