How do I start testing?

  1. Select the appropriate language for the user interface (Choose File > Settings and select the language.)
  2. Have the examinee sit at the Test Station.
  3. Perform the Telemetry, Calibration and Validation steps with the examinee.
  4. Select the correct test for the examinee from the EyeDetect test grid. If there is no test for the examinee, the Proctor should create one. 
  5. Choose Test > Start.
  6. Verify that the examinee ID and Name are correct. (See dialog box, below.)
  7. Have the examinee select appropriate responses for Age, Gender, and Vision. (See dialog box, below.)
  8. Have the examinee take a photo by choosing Take Photo. (See dialog box, below.)
    1. The examinee may take multiple photos until he or she is satisfied.
    2. The examinee may move the Webcam to a better position in order to take an acceptable photo.
  9. Choose OK to start the test. 



The examinee should remain undisturbed but under observation for the duration of the test, which will typically take 30-40 minutes.

We recommend monitoring the examinee during the test, but we do not recommend that anyone else, other than the Proctor, be present in the room during the test.

Note: Wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses do not prevent an examinee from taking an EyeDetect test. However, room preparation and lighting become more important for examinees wearing eyeglasses. Light that creates a glare on the eyeglass lenses can affect the ability of the Eye Tracker to calibrate and maintain that calibration during the exam. If possible, it is strongly recommended that examinees do not wear glasses during the examination. Examinees should not wear bi-focal or tri-focal lenses.

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