How do I submit test data?

You may submit test data to the online Converus Dashboard between tests or at the end of a testing session. Please note that an Internet connection is required to submit test data. If you do not have an Internet connection available at a temporary testing site, be sure to set up the system when back at the office and submit the test data as soon as possible.

To submit the test data:

  1. Choose File > Sync in the EyeDetect application.
  2. In the Sync Files dialog, choose Start.

The encrypted test data are uploaded from the DataLocker to the secure, cloud-based Converus Dashboard. Once received and verified, the test files are removed from the DataLocker and the test items are removed from the EyeDetect Test Grid.

To accommodate slower network connections, each test file is split up into 10 pieces and each piece is uploaded individually. Transfer speeds are displayed during the submission process.

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