How do I create a test entry?

If the Proctor is planning on administering several tests at one location, and if the Proctor knows the names of the examinees, the Proctor may wish to create the test entries in advance. Doing so ahead of time can make the testing process more efficient. Alternately, the Proctor may create test entries as each examinee arrives to be tested.

To create a test entry:

  1. From the main menu in the EyeDetect Software, choose Test > Create.


  1. Select the Test ID from the menu for the test to be taken. The list of available tests is managed by Converus. Tests assigned to your organization are listed.   
  1. The Test Key will be automatically created.
  2. Enter the examinee’s ID, which is typically an employee number or some other unique identifier. The ID may contain a combination of letters or numbers.
  3. Enter the examinee’s Name. This field can include numeric values to represent the examinee if the organization prefers not to expose the examinee’s name to others who will review test results.
  4. Choose OK to create the test entry.

The new test entry should now appear in the EyeDetect Test Grid. Repeat as necessary to set up additional tests.

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