Release Notes 3 Dec 2014 Version 2.1

EyeDetect Station Software

NEW FEATURE> Calibration Sequence

We have updated the software so that the examinee gets two chances to calibrate using a two-point calibration. If both two-point calibrations fail, the examinee will then be required to perform a five-point calibration. Previous to this update, an examinee would move straight to a five-point calibration, after failing the two-point calibration once.

NEW FEATURE> Nuetral Question Adjustments

A small set of the neutral questions on all tests in all languages have been updated to be less ambiguous and less specific to certain areas of the world. This will help examinees improve their accuracy on these questions.

BUG FIX> Infrequent Freeze Condition

We have isolated and fixed a rare bug that may cause the EyeDetect Station software to freeze while aborting a test at a certain time during a running test.

Converus Dashboard

NEW FEATURE> Help Documents

A new dropdown menu has been added to the dashboard labeled “Help.” Under this menu is the user guide and the quick reference card. These two documents show in the currently selected language of a user’s dashboard (English or Spanish).

NEW FEATURE> Questions Missed Percentage

On the report the R1 and R2 questions missed percentage was previously based off of the total number of questions in the test. These percentages are now based off the percentage missed of each kind (R1 or R2)

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