Release Notes 21 Jan 2015 Version 2.3

EyeDetect Station SOFTWARE

new feature> Mid-Test Calibration UPdated

The mid-test calibration has been updated.  The portion of the calibration that required the examinee to look at two red dots has been removed.  Now the telemetry screen will come up automatically between each session (8 times total) and each time the Administrator should verify that the Examinee is still positioned correctly.  When the examinee is positioned correctly the green “gauge” on the right side of the telemetry screen will increase.  Once the “gauge” has completely filled, the dialog will go away and the test will continue onto the next session.

new feature> Telemetry Screen Now Mandatory

After you create a test the calibrate option will be disabled until the telemetry screen has been brought up at least once. 

Converus Dashboard

new feature> HELP doucments

The English version of the user guide has been updated and is available from the “Help” menu.

new feature> Visual Changes

The following visual changes have been made to the dashboard:

  • The term “Subject” has been replaced with “Examinee”
  • “Test Score” replaced with “Credibility Score” on the test results grid
  • Test key font reduced in size on the test results grid
  • On the “Accounts” tab the Customer ID has been added next to the subaccount name

Bug Fix> PDF Report

A bug has been fixed in the Spanish version of the PDF report where the conclusion section’s last sentence was getting cut off if both the examinee name and test name were long.

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