What do I do if the EyeTracker freezes? (v1 Station)


Some have experienced what appears to be a “freezing” of the eye tracker during an exam. This may occur after the 30-second rest period between sessions of the exam. If the examinee sits back in his chair to relax, when he returns to the chin rest to continue, the telemetry screen automatically opens and the eye tracker attempts to identify the examinee’s eyes. On occasion, the eye tracker may lock on to the chin rest or some other item thinking this item is an eye. At this point, the eye tracker appears to be hung or frozen.



To resolve the issue and enable the eye tracker to re-identify the examinee’s eyes, the proctor should place her hand in front of the eye tracker infrared lights (on the ends of the eye tracker) and then quickly move it up and out of the way. The eye tracker should reset and lock on to the examinee’s eyes. You may have to repeat this process a few times. If this problem continues during the same exam, check the angle of the eye tracker as it may be bigger than 22.5 degrees and be pointing directly at the chin cup of the chin rest.

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