Release Notes 15 Oct 2014

Converus Dashboard

new feature> Score Graphics in reports

EyeDetect reports in HTML and PDF now show a red/green number line graphic to illustrate a subject’s R1 and R2 scores. 

new feature> New section in reports

EyeDetect reports in HTML and PDF now include a new section called “Conclusion.”  This section explains a subject’s R1 and R2 scores in detail.  To accommodate this new section, the subject section has been moved to the next page of report.  In addition, the subject’s name is displayed in the “Test Information” section on the first page.

new feature> Showing tests without suffcient data to be scored

When a test is submitted for scoring and there is an unacceptable level of data loss, the test will display in the search results grid with a red test icon.  If you mouse over the icon, it will say “Incomplete Data.”  The PDF and HTML reports for these tests are disabled.

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