Release Notes 7 Jan 2015 Version 2.2

EyeDetect Station Software

New Feature> New Tests

The following four new tests have been added in Spanish and English:

  • Employment: Identity Theft & Drug Use
  • Employment: Counterfeiting & Crimes
  • Pre-Employment: Counterfeiting & Fuel Theft
  • Employment: Counterfeiting & Fuel Theft

New Feature> Calibration during Demo Test

The demo test has been updated so that the mid-test calibration appears between sessions one and two.

New Feature> Redesigned Telemetry Screen

The telemetry screen has been redesigned to be more intuitive and user friendly.  When using the telemetry screen a green bar will increase showing that the examinee is positioned correctly, and that the eye tracker is receiving good pupil data.  During a test, if the examinee fails the two point mid-session calibration, the same telemetry screen will appear, at which point the test administrator should adjust the examinee so that they are in the optimal position for the eye tracker.  Once the green bar is completely filled, the dialog will close automatically.

Converus Dashboard

New Feature> Help documents

The Spanish version of the user guide has been updated and are available from the “Help” menu.

New Feature> New icon on dashboard report

The icon that indicates if a question was timed out has been updated from red to orange on the question grid at the end of the report to differentiate it from the icon that shows when an examinee has answered a question incorrectly.


In the Test Response Summary section of a test report, there’s an known issue with Safari showing the “timed out” icon as yellow (new feature with Release 2.2), instead of the previous setting which was to show that icon as red. Red icons would continue to be shown if the Admin had previously been in the Dashboard and had looked at a report with timed out responses.  

To fix, clear Safari’s “history and website data” as shown in the menu below.




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