How do I prepare a room for a test?

There are several environmental factors that can potentially affect the accuracy of the test. Please make sure the testing room is properly prepared prior to administering a test.

These suggestions come from the Converus science team:

  • Room should be dimly lit. Bright lights can affect pupil dilation measurements and/or cause reflections on the screen that can affect the results.
    • Please note that the room should not be completely dark, as this may affect the examinee’s ability to see the keyboard or accurately respond to test questions.
  • Do not use uncovered fluorescent lights. Overhead fluorescent lights affect the accuracy of the eye tracker.
  • Do use indirect lighting. Lights should not shine directly on the examinee or the EyeDetect station.
  • Windows should be covered. Dark curtains or dark paper should cover any windows in the room.
  • Desk and workstation are positioned correctly. Lights or windows should be directly behind the examinee should be avoided.
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