How do I setup the authenticator app?

Initial Setup of the Authenticator App

You must install a supported Authenticator App on your mobile device prior to your first login to the Converus Dashboard.

This is a one-time process per login account.

  1. When logging in to the Converus Dashboard for the first time, you will be prompted with a QR Code as well as an Authentication Key. (Instructions are also provided on the screen when you first log in.)

  1. Scan the QR Code, using the Authenticator App, or manually enter the Authentication Key into the Authenticator App.
  2. Click Register.

The Authenticator App is now configured for that account. Each time you log in to the Converus Dashboard, you will need to start the Authenticator App and get the 6-digit Authentication Code for the user account you are logging into.

You must own a smart phone in order to use EyeDetect. EyeDetect will only work with Apple, Android, or Windows products. If you do not own such a phone, there is the possibility of downloading the app on a desktop. However, this could expose the authentication capabilities. For this reason, Converus strongly urges you to own a smart phone.

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