How do I start the EyeDetect software? (v1 Station)

To start the EyeDetect software:

  1. Power on the EyeDetect computer, monitor, and DataLocker. The attached peripherals should become enabled when the computer powers on.
  1. Log into the DataLocker using the password provided by Converus. If you have changed the DataLocker password (recommended), use the new password.
  1. Log in to Windows, using the username and password provided by Converus. If you have changed the Windows password (recommended), use the new password.
  1. Double-click on the Computer icon found on the Windows Desktop.
  1. Double-click on the DataLocker icon.
  1. Double-click the EyeDetect icon in the DataLocker. If the EyeDetect icon is missing, the Proctor can start the application from the \Converus\EyeDetect folder in Windows Explorer.
  1. When the EyeDetect software application opens, choose DataLocker > Connect from the menu to connect to the DataLocker.
    • If the software does not detect the DataLocker, the Proctor may need to run the EyeDetect Administrator application to configure the DataLocker. See DataLocker Management, page 56, for more information.
  1. After connecting the DataLocker, chooseFile > Sync from the menu and then click theStart button in the dialog to download any new tests and to update the EyeDetect software.
    • Please note: Synchronization requires an active Internet connection.

If a new version of the EyeDetect software is downloaded as part of the Sync process, you will be prompted to restart EyeDetect. In this case, please close EyeDetect and double-click on the EyeDetect icon again.


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