How do I change the DataLocker password? (v1 Station)

To change the password on the DataLocker from the factory default:

  1. Connect the DataLocker to the EyeDetect computer.
  2. Enter the current password (factory default is 11223344).
  3. Choose Setup at the bottom of the DataLocker screen.
  4. Choose Change Password.
  5. Enter the current password (click OK at the prompt to access the number pad).
  6. Enter the new password and then confirm the new password.
  7. Click on the screen 8 times to generate a new seed key.
  8. Click the back arrow on the screen to return to the main menu.

The new password will be required the next time the DataLocker is connected.

Converus recommends changing the password upon receiving the DataLocker for security reasons. The password is very easy to guess, and if you are robbed, all of the confidential information on the DataLocker will be exposed. Therefore, upon receiving the DataLocker, change the password to something more unique and more difficult to guess.

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