What angle should the EyeTracker be set at? (v1 Station)

The Eye Tracker must be set at a 22.5° angle to the monitor. Included with the Eye Tracker is a simple protractor to help set the angle.

Stations will now be shipped with straight white lines drawn across the hinges of the bracket that hold the EyeTracker. When you open the bracket to the point where the white line across the hinge is solid, the EyeTracker will be at 22.5⁰. For those stations without white lines, use the protractor and follow the documentation to verify the EyeTracker is at the right angle. Or, use a compass or leveling app on your smart phone.

The protractor is set at 90°. A line bisecting the protractor from the back corner will be 45° angle. (See figure.) Bisecting the 45° angle would yield a 22.5° angle. The Proctor may wish to mark the protractor with the correct angles for ease of use.


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