Release Notes 24 Sep 2014

Eyedetect station software

new feature> Change in Test file upload chunking

To accommodate slower connections, each test file will now be split into 10 chunks and each chunk uploaded individually.  In addition, we are now also showing the upload and download speeds to help with troubleshooting.

Converus Dashboard

new feature> All tests now show on dashboard home page

The dashboard will now show all completed tests that have been submitted but not scored and all tests that are blocked because the account does not have sufficient test licenses. 

Under “Test Score” in the “Search Results” grid, there are two new icons for these two new types, and the test details will not be shown for these two new types.  The link under “Subject Name” is disabled and the Adobe acrobat icon is grayed out.  Once an unprocessed test is scored or an unlicensed test has been paid for, the icon will be replaced with a score and the test details will be available.

new feature> Tool tips on dashboard home page

If you mouse over the icons in the “Test Score” column of the dashboard home page, you will now receive a tool tip clarifying the type of test.  Also added is a tool tip for the “Report” button.

new feature> Collapsible filter section

The filter section on the dashboard home page is now collapsible to give more area to the test grid.  To expand it, click on the “Search Filter” link.  The default is for the section to come up collapsed.


The Dashboard home page columns> word wrapping

Previously when a large amount of text was displayed in a column of the dashboard home page, it would not word wrap and display a horizontal scroll bar.  Now all medium and greater sized devices (most computer screens) will word wrap those columns.  On smaller devices (tablets, phones) the columns will not word wrap and the scroll bar will appear as needed.

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