How to Install a Microsoft Digital TTS Voice for EyeDetect


Download Microsoft Language Pack and Text-to-Speech Feature

  1. Go to Windows Language settings (Settings>Time & language> Language & region).
  2. Select Add a language next to Preferred languages.





3.  Under Choose a language to install type in desired language (include region if necessary).

4.  Select desired language that has TTS (Text-to-speech) icon next to it and select Next.

NOTE: Only download languages that have the TTS icon. If the language does not have the TTS icon, it cannot be used as a digital voice to read a test aloud to an examinee.







5.  Under Optional language features, make sure Language pack and Text-to-speech features are checked and select Install (if Language pack is not there, just select Text-to-speech. Other features can be checked as well but are not necessary). DO NOT check Set as my Windows display language.







6. Give time for installation to complete. Can view progress on main Language & region page (scroll to bottom of preferred languages if many have been installed).




Execute Regedit Path

Skip if desired voice is Spanish (Mexico)


  1. On Station, open Voices folder in Converus Dropbox- Click on link
  2. Scroll down until you find voices for desired language and region. (Not all regedit paths may be added to folder. Click here to submit a support ticket to request one be added for desired language.)
  3. Hover pointer over desired voice and select Download.Picture33.png

4. Languages often have multiples voices to cover types of different sounding male and female voices. To have all available options for a language and region, download all available voices.

5. Find downloaded voice file in Downloads folder and select to run (make sure to do this for all voices downloaded). If a Security Warning pops up, select to Run anyway. If more windows pop up, select yes or ok to completely execute file(s).





6. Restart Station.

7. Test out new voice by loading a test in desired language in EyeDetect, go to Start Test dialogue box and select Preview (Voice option defaults to ReadSpeaker if there is one installed. Click on dropdown to select and test Microsoft voice). If the voice speaks that day’s date in the desired language, then you have successfully installed a your Microsoft voice(s).

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