How to Install a ReadSpeaker Digital TTS Voice for EyeDetect

How to Install a ReadSpeaker Digital TTS Voice for EyeDetect


Download ReadSpeaker Software

  1. Got to This PC>Local Disk (C:)>Installs>Voices.
  2. Select the folder of the voice or language you wish to install.


NOTE: if desired language folder is not there, it means Converus did not have ReadSpeaker for that voice at time Station was first delivered. Click here to submit a support ticket to request to have it installed.

3. Select and run Setup application in desired folder (click YES and NEXT until it is finished installing).


Find the Wi-Fi and Ethernet MAC IDs

  1. Open Command Prompt Window- Press Windows button on keyboard and type in “CMD” and then press Enter.Picture11.png
  2. In Command Window type “ipconfig/all”- no spaces.
  3. Wi-Fi MAC ID will be under Wireless LAN adapater Wi-Fi #: next to Physical Address.
  4. Scroll up to find ethernet MAC ID under Ethernet adapter Ethernet #: next to Physical Address.
  5. Write it down or copy and paste both MAC IDs to word or notepad doc opened on the Station.








Obtain License Voice Code or Key from Converus

  1. Click here to submit a support ticket to request a ReadSpeaker voice license code. Please include the following information:
    • Company Name
    • Wi-Fi MAC ID
    • Ethernet MAC ID
    • Language desired (include region)

NOTE: Each download requires its own, unique license key or code, which are purchased by Converus from ReadSpeaker. Depending on current inventory, there may not be a code available for a requested language. Orders for more codes are placed only when more commonly used languages have depleted (approximately every 4 months) due to minimum order requirements. If there are no available codes for a desired language, we recommend relying on a free Microsoft version for any immediate testing needs. If there is no inventory of a specific language, Converus will add your request to its next order.

Available ReadSpeaker Languages and Voice Names

Language Region Voice Name
Chinese Cantonese Kaho
Chinese Mandarin Liang
Dutch Dutch Alex
English Australian Mason
English United Kingdom Hugh
English United States James
French Canada Leo
French France Louis
German Germany Tim
Indonesian Indonesia Bayu
Italian Italy Roberto
Japanese Japan Show
Korean Korea Junwoo
Portuguese Brazil Rafael
Portuguese Portugal Tiago
Romanian Romania Teodor
Russian Russia Aleksei
Slovak Slovakia Jakub
Spanish Castilian (Spain) Manuel
Spanish Mexico Francisco
Swedish Sweden Sven




Download ReadSpeaker Verification License File

  1. After receiving license code, open Google Chrome on Station and type in (no www at the beginning)Picture13.png
  2. Enter Voice Code License Key provided by Converus in to box under Please enter your license key bow, then press Get License.




3. Verify that correct voice will be installed under Speaker and select Yes, it’s correct.






4. Copy and paste or manually type in Wi-Fi MAC ID into provided space (it will automatically replace the dashes with colons) then select Continue.








5. Select Save to File- Will automatically download to Downloads folder (do not close Google Chrome yet).





6. Go to This PC>Downloads. Move newly downloaded “verification” file to C:>Program Files (x86)>VW>VT>DESIRED VOICE NAME>P16-SAPI15>data-common>verify. If this file path is not there, you did not correctly download ReadSpeaker software.







7.  Go back to Google Chrome Window and select Click Here, to re-enter license key.









8. Enter in the same License Code or Key as before (should show up in a dropdown if you’ve already entered it once)












9. Verify it is correct voice again then select Yes, it’s correct.

10. Now enter the Ethernet MAC ID and press Continue.











11. Select Save to File again to download (can close Google Chrome now).






12. Go to This PC>Downloads and rename this verification file to “verification2”.

13. Save verfication2 file to same location as the first file- C:>Program Files (x86)>VW>VT>DESIRED VOICE NAME>P16-SAPI15>data-common>verify





14. Restart the Station.

15. Test out new voice by loading a test in desired language in EyeDetect, go to Start Test dialogue box and select Preview. If the voice speaks that day’s date in the desired language, then you have successfully installed a your ReadSpeaker voice.

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