How to Install a RHVoice Digital TTS Voice for EyeDetect

How to Install a RHVoice Digital TTS Voice for EyeDetect                           Picture7.jpg 

  1. Go to RHVoice website on Station-
  2. Under Languages, select desired language (English, Brazilian Portuguese, Macedonian, Albanian, Polish and Esperanto do not have compatible software for EyeDetect).


3. Select Download the voice for other Windows programs option under desired voice. Some languages have more than one voice for different sounding male and female voices. Can download more than one voice if you desire more options per language if it has the Windows download option.






4. It will automatically download a software file. It may warn you and try to block the download. Please click on what you need to ensure it finishes the download.

5. Find downloaded file in Downloads folder on Station. Double-click on file to install.







6. Blue Windows protected our PC screen will appear. Select More info.






7.Select Run anyway.







8. Once download is complete, select Close to get out of install dialog box.




9.  Restart computer.

10. Test out new voice by loading a test in desired language in EyeDetect, go to Start Test dialogue box and select Preview (voice option defaults to ReadSpeaker if there is one installed. Click on dropdown to select name of voice you chose in step 3). If the audio speaks that day’s date in the desired language, then you have successfully installed a your RHVoice.


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