How to Install Microsoft Text To Speech Voice

Part 1: Install voice
1. On the station, click on the Windows icon and type “Language settings”. Once the
“Language settings” app appears press ENTER to open.

2. Under the “Preferred languages” heading click on the grey plus sign that says “Add a

3. Search for desired text to speech-language (ex: Russian). Make sure to choose the voice with the “Text-to-speech” option, see icon below. Select the voice and click Next.

4. Check all the boxes for the features you want. If you want the new language to be the default language for the machine, then check the box that says “Install language pack and set as my Windows display language”- Then click on INSTALL.


Note: If you selected “Install language pack and set as my windows display” then after the install, Windows will prompt you to restart the machine. Once the machine has been restarted,
the display will be in the new language. If you are not prompted, you can restart the machine manually. The restart is only necessary if you are changing the windows display language.


Part 2: Run Regedit Application

1. Please ask Converus for the Regedit Path Dropbox link for the voice you are installing

2. Select the Dropbox link (while on the station)


3. Download the file (there is a download arrow in the upper right-hand corner)


4. Once the file has downloaded, double click the download to open and run it.


5. Select “Yes” to allow it to make changes on your machine

6. Select “Yes” to the next pop up to continue

7. Then select “OK”


Part 3: Confirm that it worked
1. Launch EyeDetect

2. Select Test > Create or use the Test Wizard button

3. If not already, use the language dropdown to load all tests in the desired language


4. Select a test

5. Put in a fake Examinee Name and ID

6. Select OK

7. Select the Preview button on the right-hand side of the Start Test window to hear the voice. If this button does not exist, then the voice did not install properly.


8. If you’d like, you can continue forward and listen to the pre-test instructions to see how
the voice sounds.

9. When you are done, select Cancel, if on the Start Test page or select FN-F10 to cancel
out of the test.

10. Delete the test by selecting the test, then select Test > Delete

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