Troubleshooting Guide for EyeDetect Manager and EyeDetect+ Manager


This document provides a quick overview of possible resolutions to technical issues related to the EyeDetect Manager or EyeDetect+ Manager software error “Ping EyeDetect Station Exception” or others.


We suggest trying all steps regardless, to make sure everything is up to date.



Possible issue: data streaming not enabled on Station.

  • Solution: Open EyeDetect app.
  • Go to File>Settings 
  • Under “Settings” make sure Enable Data Streaming API has a checkmark in the box.


Possible issue: device compatibility

  • The device on which you have installed EyeDetect Manager is not compatible or must have Windows 8 or higher (WIN10 preferred), wireless internet capabilities or screen resolution of1200 x 800 minimum.
  • Solution: Use a different device.


Possible issue: downloaded device

  • Possible issue: the EyeDetect Manager software was downloaded onto an EyeDetect station, not a separate Wndows device.
  • Solution: Use a different device. EyeDetect Manager cannot operate on an EyeDetect Station while a test is administered.



Possible issue: update to latest version of EyeDetect Manager software

  • Possible issue: The device doesn’t have a copy of the latest version of software.
  • Solution:
    • Login to Converus dashboard
    • Go to the Tools menu
    • Click EyeDetect Manager (or EyeDetect+ 2.0 Manager) to automatically download.
    • Click on downloaded application to run in your browser.
    • It will automatically open the application.
  • Run EyeDetect Setup- after downloading Manager.
    • On the Station, go to This PC>C:>DataLocker>Converus>EyeDetectSetup and run the EyeDetect Setup Application by clicking on it.
    • Click Yes to let it make changes to your computer.


Possible issue: troubleshooting network settings

  • Possible issue: the IP Address on the station has changed.
  • Solution: Find the new IP address and enter it in EyeDetect Manager.
    • Open the EyeDetect app.
    • Go to File>Settings
    • Add the IP address under Check “Enable Data Streaming API.”


  • Possible issue: the device using EyeDetect Manager is not on the same Wi-Fi network as the Station.
  • Solution: Check Wi-Fi on both devices
    • Click on the internet icon on the bottom right of the task bar.
    • Ensure both devices are connected to the same network.


  • Possible issue: the Wi-Fi settings no longer marked as “Private”
  • Solution: Go to Windows Settings
    • Select Network & internet
    • Select Properties at the top
    • Select Private


  • Possible issue: the current internet connection has custom IP settings.
  • Solution: Check by opening a Command Prompt and typing in tracert IP [Address you are trying to connect]. If it says Destination host unreachable, check the internet connection or switch as well.

Time Zone

  • Station and device with EyeDetect Manager not on same time zone
  • Solution:
    • Go to Date & Time settings for Windows
    • Check that Time zone is the same
    • Even if Set time automatically is enabled, you may have to disable it to manually change the time zone.
    • Make sure to Scroll down to Additional Settings and click on Sync Now
    • If Time zone is disabled you will need to go Privacy & security > Location Then from there turn on Location Services  














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